Why Finland?

Finland is among the safest countries in the world.

The political situation is stable, and the Finnish society is characterised by transparency, independence, and cooperation. The same values are present in Finnish working life, too.

Workers’ rights are protected in Finland by legislation and trade unions. Working hours, salary, holidays and other working conditions are agreed in working contracts in detail. Employees are respected and typically hierarchy in working places is low, granting everyone the possibility to express opinions and ideas about their work. Employees are often given lots of autonomy and responsibility, and therefore the qualification requirements tend to be strict. Education is appreciated, and also adults have numerous possibilities to continue their studies.

Combining work and private life is relatively easy in Finland. Most people work 38,5 hours per week and don’t need extra jobs to make ends meet. Public services are accessible to all, day care is reasonably priced, and schooling is free from elementary school to university.

Nature is near everywhere in Finland, and that means peaceful walks in the woods, swimming in lakes, paddling in the sea – even for city dwellers. The air is clean, and silence is easy to find. There are no extreme weather conditions, no droughts, devastating floods or storms. Our winters are cold, true, but our answer to that is high quality housing and solid infrastructure.