Healthcare assistants to Finland

The purpose of institutional care homes is to promote the elderly customers’ ability to function by offering assistance and rehabilitation. Healthcare assistants should be openminded to work in a community and to be ready to cope in different situations with good attitude.

Services in elderly care homes include assistance in daily routines such as serving meals, laundry and clothing services or cleaning. Many elderlies have memory disorders; thus, personnel assist them in personal needs such as taking a shower or getting dressed. Institutional care organises also recreational activities, assistance in errands, social services, and healthcare.

To begin your career in Finland, you must understand Finnish language. Your journey to Finland will begin with a mandatory language course held online. Please check that you meet all the criteria before applying to programs. At current state we have partners in Kosovo and India.

We offer

  • Finnish language course free of charge
  • Student allowance (some conditions)
  • Flights to Finland
  • Introduction to Finnish working life and culture
  • Internship contract with an employer (salary around 1900e/month)
  • Possibility to get a permanent work contract once Finnish language + degree are completed
  • Program is only offered for selected candidates, not for family members
  • Job offer in Finland is open for Finnish speaking candidates only

Technical requirements

  • Working network, stable Wi-Fi-connection  
  • Working gear: laptop, smartphone, and headphones  
  • Usage of camera and microphone during class (mute/unmute)  
  • Basic online knowledge: how to sign in different platforms, how to create a user account, how to change password, how to download learning apps etc. Willing to learn new ones.  
  • Basic computer knowledge: can typewrite on a computer, save a Word or PDF-document, send as attachment  

Learning requirements

  • Good knowledge of mother tongue (reading and writing)  
  • Good English skills (reading and writing)  
  • Didn’t have problems at school (such as learning disabilities)  
  • Enough time to invest in studying (intensive course)  
  • Participation and activity at online classes required (90-120 minutes every day)  
  • Lot of independent work, self-study is required (min. 1,5 hours every day)  
  • All exercises must be handed in time (extra time only by request)  

Working requirements

  • Degree from a (renowned) institution: practical nurse or licensed nurse
  • Work offered in Finland: Healthcare assistant, work in elderly care homes
  • Work experience, preferably with elderly patients
  • Willing to work in shift work, in any part of Finland
  • Able to take care of female and male patients
  • Good physical and mental health, vaccinated (medical checkup in Finland)
  • Valid passport