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EKA – Elämyksellisen koulutusmatkailun asiakaspotentiaalin selvittäminen ja pilotointi

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Ajankohta: 1.1.2018 – 31.12.2018

EKA – Elämyksellisen koulutusmatkailun asiakaspotentiaalin selvittäminen ja pilotointi – The concept of experience-based education tourism in North-Karelia

Travel from China to Finland has increased significantly in recent years and Chinese tourists are known to spend the most money in Finland for the trip. There is also a high demand for international training in China, and the Chinese are providing training services from around the world. The most significant customer potential of travel from China to Finland is related to camp school type tourism.

North Karelia aims to be a significant educational district and to increase educational exports and internationalization of educational institutions. On the other hand, North Karelia has significant nature sites, around which experimental nature tourism services have been built. This project develops a new approach combining the North Karelian strengths, an experiential educational tourism that has a major impact on the development of livelihoods in the area.

The objective of the project are

  • find out the customer potential of a vibrant educational tourism in China,
  • Identify the elements of the educational training product and pilot the experience-based educational tourism services based thereon, especially for Chinese customers, in North Karelia and
  • to create a framework for the experience-based educational tourism based on the strengths of North Karelia and the region’s service offering.

The implementation of the project is divided into four interconnected work packages. The starting point for the concept design is to study the consumer behavior of Chinese shopping tourism services customers and the current status of China’s education export market (Work Package 1) Customer-driven information gathered through a market survey applies to Finnish and North Karelian strength areas (eg Nature destinations, training competence, design culture). To identify and further develop strengths, North Karelian companies can be approached in areas such as tourism, accommodation, nutrition and entertainment services as well as culture and art. By combining this information, project will develop sophisticated educational tourism products or services (Work Package 2). New types of training tourism services are being communicated to the selected Yangtze River Delta through both media connections and existing networks. This will be used to acquire pilot pilots involved in the experiment (work package 3). In the summer of 2018, the product concepts developed in the project are practically tested with the pilot customer group or groups. The operation and feedback of the experimental groups are perceived and described from the point of view of developing cooperation between the users and service providers (work package 4).

The project has been prepared by Future Missions Oy together with the City of Lieksa and Riveria. As a catalyst for the project, the Riveria has an important role to play in the content of the project, especially in specific pedagogical issues. Riveria has small-scale cooperation with China, but more information on China’s education export market and customer procurement practices is needed to launch genuine education exports. For the implementation of its international strategy, Riveria also needs China-oriented partners. In the implementation of the project, ways are also sought for co-operation with other educational institutions in the region.

The city’s strategy for Lieksa, as well as the development of tourism and education, are a priority area. The city of Lieksa is committed to implementing the project and developing business life with Future Missions Oy. The city of Lieksa is interested in the potential of education exports, especially in the areas of Koli and Ruunaa.

More information

Project-coordinator Katja Väyrynen
working on part-time in this project as design thinking, pedagogical and operational specialist with Chinese project manager Yu Nan from Future Missions Oy
tel. + 358 5624685,