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Design, Do and LEAN it


Ajankohta: 1.9.2017 – 31.8.2019

Design, Do and LEAN it – Experimental development as a tool of strenghten the collaboration with work life and educational organization

Many of development processes and projects get stuck in today´s organizational complexity or too traditional developing matters – such as too much planning and then having a pilot of this, or not have the money.  In this case, all the participants and local companies are doing collaboration together to improve the quality of work, services and competences needed in the future!

The project activities will give a good picture of the process of Design Doing to the partners, but also to the students and other teachers/workers locally and support do experiments integrated to professional studies and collaboration with local companies.

In this project made there will be 2 project meetings, 5 workshops and local, national and international dissemination events.  There are three goals:

  1. Creating the high impact change of collaboration of the work life and vocational education organizations: the new model of collaboration, which is based on Design Doing (not only Design thinking), sharing the expertise to each other and creating the collaboration culture.
  2. Learning the Design Doing process, integrate it in VET and learn how to use it in companies. Participants will have experience of sharing the skills in action when working with customers and they will get competence and courage to do experiments. The main idea is keep the experiments simple with reasonable costs, use suitable tools and save time, money and get results.
  3. Improving the efficiency of work by LEAN thinking and learning simple methods and principles of it, then adopting these to daily procedures of teachers/entrepreneurs. During the project we are figuring out if the LEAN 5S-principles can be used as framework for experiments.

This project and learning activities are meant to teachers/entrepreneurs/workers to improve their skills and competence in development, but also some students who help us to create model for all fields of studies.  Teachers acts as coach when doing workshops tasks with students and get ideas also from student. During the activities/work shops we will reach many kind of work life partners (secondary) in each countries and get also familiar with business in European region.

The main results are:

  1. Educational model and tools of Design Doing in each partner language.
  2. Improved collaboration with work life.
  3. Guide videos of collaboration and experience of partners and students.
  4. Example of experiments done, improved services and products, examples how to LEAN teachers/entrepreneurs work in practice.

Partners in this project are versatile. There are five different kind of educational organisations:

North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium/ Finland
Vrij Katholiek Onderwijs Opwijk/ Belgium
Coleg Gwent / UK and
University of Almeria/Spain

Additionally there are two privat companies: Aspa Palvelut Oy/ Finland and L´Angsa Umbria  as association and with their company La Semente/ Italy and one association: AIAB Italy/ Italy, whose members are privat companies.