Studying in Riveria

Studying in Riveria

For most professions, Finnish skills are required prior to working in Finland. Language proficiency and learning skills will be evaluated before student selection. The admission procedure for each training can be found on the web page introducing the training. The web page also includes entry requirements, selection criteria and the start times of the studies. 

In English we offer one vocational qualification which is the Vocational Qualification in Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology.


Our trainings are arranged mainly in Finnish with the following exceptions:  

Entirely in English:

  • Vocational Qualification in Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology. 

Partly in English (Studies start in English and include intensive Finnish studies. Qualification will be completed in Finnish)

  • Vocational Qualification in Cleaning and Property Services 
  • Vocational Qualification in Food Preparation
  • Vocational Qualification in Restaurant and Catering Services 
  • Vocational Qualification in Social and Health Care 

Application procedure

1. Check

whether you are eligible to apply.

2. Find out

if it is possible for you to begin the studies at the start date of the education.

3. Find out

issues related to entering Finland before applying.

4. Fill in

the application form carefully. It has an impact on your admission.

5. Add

the required attachments to the application form (school leaving certificate, English test certificate, motivation video). Fill in the application carefully. Only valid applications are taken into account.

6. After

the application period is over you will be asked to take an online entrance test. Some applicants will proceed to an admission interview. The method of assessment is introduced on the web page of each training.

7. Participating

in the assessment is compulsory. Otherwise you can not be admitted.

8. Riveria selects

the students based on the given information and assessment of suitability.

9. You will be

informed about the study place by email.

10. If admitted,

accept the study place by the given time as instructed in the letter of acceptance.

11. Apply for

residence permit and accommodation if needed.

If you don’t live in Finland and you don’t have a residence permit, find out before applying if you need a permit and what acquiring the permit requires. Also evaluate, whether moving to Finland is possible for you before the training begins.

You must apply for the residence permit before moving to Finland and it must be valid before you start your studies.

You will also need a private health insurance and sufficient funds for living in Finland.  Riveria does not award scholarships or other funding for students.

Familiarize yourself in advance with InfoFinland and Finnish Imigration Service website. On the site you will find instructions on how to deal with the permit matters according to your nationality and life situation.

Application schedule, link to the application form and more detailed instructions will be found on the web page of each training.

Please note that Riveria does not provide accommodation. You can apply for a rented apartment on

On applying: Admission Services, email, phone +358 13 244 3000

Studies in English or with English start 

The next application period for international applicants will be on 29.8.-11.9.2024. Training programs to be applied for will be specified later.