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What is Riveria?

Riveria is one of the largest vocational education and training (VET) provider in Finland. We organise vocational upper secondary, further vocational and specialist vocational qualifications, also liberal adult and summer university education. The Ministry of Culture and Education has awarded our organisation the Quality Award for Vocational Education in 2002, 2008, 2012 and 2016.

Our area of operation covers the entire region of North Karelia formed by the 13 municipalities, the owners of Riveria. We have training centres in Joensuu (the capital of North Karelia), Kitee, Lieksa, Nurmes, Outokumpu and Valtimo. Annually we have around 15 000 students and about 750 staff.

The main function of our international operations is to grow Riveria’s international profile through increasing the number of exchanges of students and education professionals. Riveria students can participate in international projects, host foreign students and travel to other countries to complete a part of their professional training in foreign companies.

Foreign students are welcome to take part in the full qualification programmes, complete certain modules in our training centres or have professional training in local companies under the guidance and supervision of our teachers.

Riveria teachers and other staff members take part in exchange programmes and other partnership projects. For groups of education professionals from other countries visiting Riveria, we can organise tailor-made diverse study visits, including special training programmes and seminars, in collaboration with other local education providers.

Riveria offers over 300 different qualifications in industry, construction, transport, nature and environment, business, wellbeing and health, education and culture, and services.


Riveria Vocational Education and Training

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The application must be filled in Finnish.

The language of instruction is Finnish. All non-native speakers will be invited to take a language test.

There is a dormitory near every Riveria campus. The dormitory rooms are prioritised for the minor students whose permanent residence is over 100 km from the campus, and they are free of charge. Apply for a room > linkki

Students admitted to our training programmes don’t need to pay any tuitions. In some areas students need to acquire their own tools and equipment. Some professional and specialised professional occupations or certain modules have a study fee, which can amount to approximately EUR 200.

For assistance please email hakuneuvonta@riveria.fi or call +358 13 244 3000. Our chat-service at is also available on weekdays starting from 9.00 to 14.00.