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Vocational Qualification in Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology

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Vocational Qualification in Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology provides you with the basic knowledge of both theory and practice of mechanical engineering industry.

The education is carried out at our modern well-equipped premises in Riveria, Outokumpu, but the practical training periods that are held in the companies will make up an important part of the education.

Entry requirements for studies

  • Nationality: All nationalities can apply for the programme.
  • Age: You are at least 18 years of age when studies starts.
  • High school certificate or the general school-leaving certificate
  • Good English language skills
  • Good physical condition to study and work in the mechanical engineering and production technology industry

How is the education arranged?

The training is performed in English. The qualification includes full-time studying as well as on-the-job learning periods. The classes are held during daytime (monday-friday). The duration of studies is approximately 3 years. On-the-job learning already exists during the first year.

A personal study development plan is made for each student based on his/ her previous experience and studies.

Programme composition of plater-welder

The scope of the studies is 180 competence points (cp).

This qualification will also give you a good basis for continuing studies in a university level.

  • Working in manufacturing tasks
  • Installation and automation tasks
  • Welding and plate work
  • CNC edging
  • Welding
  • Sheet metal work
  • Working with steel structures

More information:

Lecturer Timo Ahonen
phone: +358 50 357 6169

Admission Office
phone: +358 13 244 3000