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Dream job in the interior design industry

Sisustusalan opiskelija Johanna Suhonen seisoo Riveria-talon käytävällä.

– I started my interior design studies at Riveria in August 2021, says Johanna Suhonen.

She has previously worked as a practical nurse, a nurse and a public health nurse.

– I graduated as a nurse from Karelia University of Applied Sciences in 2015. I have worked in the care sector for several years, for example, in Siun Sote and the private sector in home care, child health clinics and nursing homes, says Johanna.

– I wanted to turn my hobby into a job because I like building and decorating. Having developed such a passion for working with my hands, I decided to change my field and applied to study at Riveria, says Johanna.

What are your thoughts about adult studies?

– We have a great team spirit in class. Our class has both young students and adults. An individual study path is created for each student, which takes into account their previous competence, says Johanna.

– I have found practical studies and workshops to be really inspiring and rewarding. This is definitely my thing, says Johanna.

Johanna has already had two on-the-job learning periods. The first one took place in Koli at a guesthouse called Villa Oras, which is located in an old village school building.

– There I carried out interior decoration, construction and renovation work. It was a great experience, and I had a free hand. I got to perform all kinds of things, Johanna says.

The second on-the-job learning period took place in a company operating at Science Park, Innoska Oy, which teaches 3D design.

– At Innoska, I learned a lot about SketchUp, which is a software used for spatial planning. In addition, I was able to learn more about entrepreneurship and social media, says Johanna.

Through her studies, Johanna has become a JA entrepreneur, with the help of which she implements interior design that promotes well-being and manufactures interior design products from recycled and natural materials.

What about the future?

– My dream job is to work in interior design and create versatile spatial plans for kitchens and other spaces. I am actively looking for work. One option is a shop that sells interior design products and plans. I’m open to anything, Johanna says.

Greetings to all those interested in the field

– Interior design education is really extensive and interesting. We use a lot of computers for drawing and design, but there are also practical exercises, says Johanna.

– If you like decoration, craftsmanship and visual design, you should apply to study interior design. I also highly recommend completing JA studies, as it is an easy and inspiring way to learn about entrepreneurship, says Johanna.

I have taken part in various events and have participated in several competitions. Entrepreneurship studies have been great. I have gotten to know new people and acquire new experiences.

Johanna Suhonen

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